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From farm hands to feet worship, these new PornHub statistics show it all

PornHub is here once again to let us all know what everyone is cranking it to. Released in time for Pride, PornHub has shared insights on the popular gay porn search behavior around the world, with detailed breakdowns in the US.

These statistics, packaged in the vein of Spotify Wrapped, are always something of a mixed bag. After you get over the creep factor of a company collecting data on our porn-viewing habits, there are some intriguing insights (even though specifics on the methodology are not disclosed). While some of the data aligns with certain stereotypes, others break the mold of beauty standards the media typically portrays.

Starting with the big picture, PornHub’s 2024 report breaks down the most viewed gay porn categories across the globe. In Europe and South America, twinks are all the rage. Straight guys have a stranglehold on Australia. Africa is split between twinks, creampie and Black gay porn. Asia is largely absent from the dataset. And in the US, it’s all bareback, baby.

Analyzing the data state-by-state in the US reveals regional trends. The west coast, it turns out, is largely responsible for those bareback numbers. Twinks are popular in more northerly locales like Alaska and the Dakotas. The midwest and parts of the northeast are seeking out straight guys. Black is the most popular category (because we live in a world where ethnic categories have to be specified) in southern states and northern states like New York, Michigan and Ohio.

Getting even more specific, the most popular search term in each state reveals niche tastes. California loves lingerie, Wyoming is going full Brokeback with vintage cowboys, Minnesota is on the lookout for a good farm hand, Florida is worshiping feet, and Tennessee can’t get enough of those grandpa jerks.

Looking into more general gay porn viewership, the report shows which states have the highest and lowest views compared with the national average. Maine comes out on top, with 28% more gay porn views over the rest of the country. Red state Kentucky slides into second place with 26%. Alaska, on the other hand, had the lowest gay porn views at 22% below the national average.

But who’s watching all of this gay porn? According to PornHub, 43% of gay porn viewers are women, and the remaining 57% are men (the breakdown apparently did not include trans or nonbinary viewers). While Gen Z is commonly depicted as an anomalous queer generation, gay porn is incredibly popular with the 65+ age group—as in, 104% more popular than other age groups. 55 to 64 is the second largest gay porn viewing demographic at 26%, with the percentages dropping down from there.

So what do we do with all of this data? Celebrate Pride with more information about everyone’s masturbatory proclivities than we probably needed. Just don’t let those grandpa jerks stand in your way—unless that’s your kink.

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