Hayley Kiyoko Joins Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie For ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’

We stan queer icons supporting queer icons. Hayley Kiyoko is currently supporting Panic! at the Disco on their tour, but because of “border/production delays,” fans had to miss out on Kiyoko’s opening set in Toronto Sunday night.

Instead, lead singer Brendon Urie invited Kiyoko on stage to help him sing “Girls/Girls/Boys,” the 2013 Panic! song that gained popularity from the fact that Urie is nude in the (must watch) music video. 

Kiyoko posted on Instagram about the experience, along with a clip of her singing the song live with Urie on stage while they were both draped in rainbow flags. There is probably no one better suited to sing the lyrics “Girls love girls and boys,” and it’s just as cute as it sounds.

Kiyoko is a notable lesbian pop star and icon. She recently made headlines for her reaction to Rita Ora’s “Girls,” and if you haven’t seen older lesbians react to her music videos, you need to get on that. Brendon Urie himself recently came out as pansexual so that stage really couldn’t get any gayer.

“I cannot tell you how incredible this man is,” Kiyoko wrote on Instagram. “Not only is his voice a gift but his KINDNESS and ability to make people feel warm and special is just beyond. Thank you Brendon for giving me something to aspire to and be. And supporting me as if we are family. I’ll never forget last night.”

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