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Here’s how the internet is coping with Omar Apollo’s nude album cover

Even before Omar Apollo’s latest EP, Live For Me, had dropped, the queer musician was already delivering the goods. Not only does the EP pack four brand new songs, the vinyl cover is packing something else entirely.

Last Thursday, Apollo shared images of the front and back cover of the Live For Me vinyl on social media. Jaws were dropping for more reasons than one.

“Live For Me Vinyl on sale tomorrow 8:30am pst! uncensored back cover portrait available with purchase,” he wrote, along with the eggplant and shushing emojis.

The work of queer artist Doron Langberg, the front cover features a shirtless Apollo with his hand on his chest, painted in vibrant colors and loose brushstrokes. The back cover is a painting in the same style, showing Apollo’s bare legs and something big and pixelated in between them.

All of a sudden, the internet was flooded with serious art collectors.

As soon as the image was posted, the vinyl flew off the shelves. “We sold 1400 in 7 minutes so far omg,” Apollo tweeted.

In addition to being a soulful singer-songwriter, Apollo is a force of nature in the art of the thirst trap. Earlier this year, he teased new merch in the form of a condom with the words “We come at the same time,” on the wrapper, referencing his hit song “Tamagotchi.” Even without trying, he manages to get fans salivating. In August, he promoted one of the songs on the new EP, “Ice Slippin,” with a series of ice sculptures, and the internet was in full heat over the icemen.

The new EP contains four tracks: “Ice Slippin,” “Live For Me,” “Angel,” and “Pilot.” Besides bops and a beautiful vinyl cover, fans can look forward to emotionally charged lyrics. Apollo recently explained (in response to a homophobic troll), “[Ice Slippin] is about me almost getting in a car accident in an icy ass road after I came out to my parents.”

The Live for Me EP drops on Friday, October 6. The vinyl is currently for sale on Apollo’s website.

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