Here’s How To Buy Some Art And Support The Decriminalization of HIV+ Folks

Last week, we worked with a group of HIV+ artists and some incredible nonprofits to throw a party, VIRAL ILLUMINATION, that celebrated HIV+ people and, whew, was it fun.

The night was filled with installations, performances, interactive pieces, and was hosted by the incredible Ongina. It was a ki, to say the least.

Today we are releasing some of our favorite photos from the night. But most importantly: We are helping the organizers announce a fundraiser to support the Sero Project, which was the charitable partner for the event.

If you are unaware, the Sero Project works to help decriminalize and fight the inappropriate prosecution of HIV+ people around the world. And being a grassroots organization they need all of our help to ensure this work continues.

So, check out some photos, embrace the #FOMO if you weren’t there, and help those who need us most here.

Photos byNavi.

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