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Chappell Roan talks Sasha Colby, twinks at Google, and more on ‘The Tonight Show’

Chappell Roan just schooled Jimmy Fallon on all things queer, and the internet can’t get enough.

During the “Good Luck, Babe!” singer’s appearance on The Tonight Show, she sat opposite the late night host — dressed as a black swan with kinky bleach blonde hair, of course — and fired off iconic line after iconic line.

Fallon brought up Roan’s iconic Coachella speech, in which she called herself “your favorite artist’s favorite artist.” Roan quickly held up a finger to let Fallon know she didn’t coin the phrase.

“That was a reference to Sasha Colby,” she said, prompting cheers from the crowd for the RuPaul’s Drag Race winner. “There’s gay people here!” Roan said in response.

“Sasha Colby said, ‘I’m your favorite drag queen’s favorite drag queen,’ and I was like, it just hit me through the heart,” Roan continued. “And so I was like, I hope Sasha Colby one day watches me, and that’s why I said it.”

As a segue, Fallon mentioned that he googled Roan’s name earlier. “Did you not know who I was before?” she said, then adding, “I googled you too. You want to know what I found?”

Fans compared the moment to RuPaul’s notorious Tonight Show interview, where the drag legend scared Fallon into thinking he’d said something offensive. Just two queer icons making straight people uncomfortable, and we love to see it.

After recovering, Fallon pointed out that when you google Roan’s name, the search engine asks if you meant to search for “your favorite artist’s favorite artist.”

“I didn’t do that,” Roan said. When Fallon replied that “the world did that,” she again stepped in to correct him.

“No. It’s this random twink that works at Google,” she said. “I know it is! I know it’s just some assistant that was like, ‘We love her!’” The sheer fact that Roan brought the word “twink” to The Tonight Show is enough to award her gay icon status (as if she didn’t have it already).

Throughout the interview, Roan also touched on her style inspirations (drag, horror movies, burlesque, and theater, to name a few), her back-up career options (esthetician or “genetic person”), and why she pivoted to making pure pop (“It was so boring performing sad songs,” she said. “It’s not fun to go on tour and be sad for months and months and months, because it’s like, everyone is already like that anyway.”).

Check out Roan’s full interview (and her live performance of “Good Luck, Babe!”) below.

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