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Cillian Murphy’s Versace campaign has the gays officially intrigued

Any time Cillian Murphy does anything, it’s news. You can’t have a face that beautiful and not make news simply for getting out of bed—I don’t make the rules! The Oppenheimer actor has certainly been having a year, and not just for his award-winning turn as the destroyer of worlds. Before whipping the Internet into a frenzy with some saucy, revealing pics, Murphy strutted down the Palm Springs Film Festival red carpet with boyfriend bestie Robert Downey Jr. on his arm, and the greatest ship of all time was born.

And now, as the face of a new Versace men’s campaign, Murphy has got us hot and bothered all over again.

For the new campaign, the Irish actor personally collaborated with none other than Donatella Versace herself to create a stunning series of androgynous looks that put those razor-sharp cheekbones to work.

Once again we’re getting that Judith Butler stare, that butch lesbian swagger…

We ever get a shot of Cillian TOUSLING HIS HAIR!

I mean look at the dolls…you can’t tell me they weren’t having fun.

If there’s one man who can wave a designer scarf at us with malice in his eyes, it’s Cillian every time.

But perhaps Meech said it best in this tweet…

She never stops giving us butch iconography.

Let’s be honest: when it comes to being babygirl, there’s no one who does it better.

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