Good Trouble

These saucy new photos of Cillian Murphy have the gays asking the hard questions

We’ve made no secret of our love for Oppenheimer hottie Cillian Murphy. It seems like every time this man steps out of what is no doubt a charming Dublin manor, he makes the news simply for having that face. Earlier this year, Murphy and pal Robert Downey, Jr. made headlines when they were seen exhibiting incredibly babygirl behavior on the Palm Springs Film Festival red carpet. But something even more babygirl recently went down when GQ named Murphy the “Man of the Moment” in their latest issue.

The styling is…pretty much what you’d expect from a celebrity cover story at this point. Bold colors, sassily unbuttoned button-ups, layered jewelery, and some very gay gestures. But fans are noticing something else about the way Murphy’s razor-sharp cheekbones are set off in these photos:

That’s right: Cillian Murphy is giving gender theory icon Judith Butler in these photos. The sharp jawline, the slightly graying, floppy hair, the layered bracelets and necklaces: it’s basically a loving homage to the theorist who put into words the idea of gender performance.

Cillian—who once played a trans woman in Neil Jordan’s Breakfast on Pluto—has really perfected the nonbinary hottie stance.

What if Cillian Murphy told you that gender was a construct?

We could certainly get into some interesting gender trouble with Cillian…

Class is so, so in session.

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