Too Hot to Handle

Fans gasped after Ice Spice nearly set herself on fire in concert video

After rocketing to stardom at blistering speed, Ice Spice came close to burning up in her latest live performance.

The bisexual rapper shared the death-defying moment in an Instagram carousel over the weekend. “Swipe to see the pyro take me tf out,” she wrote in the caption.

On Saturday, Ice Spice was performing at the 2023 Listen Out Festival in Sydney. Dressed in leg warmers, she cozied up to the fire during the song “Princess Diana.” As she reached the part where she bends it back and twerks, a series of flames shot out behind her. And the last one seemed to come within inches of her (very bare) skin.

“Whoa!” she said audibly into the mic while backing away. The scare lasted only a second or two before Ice Spice carried on the show like a true professional. What could have been a disaster ended up being a momentary thrill for fans on social media. For most, it was just another excuse to stare at Ice Spice’s butt.

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened—Ice Spice has been burning hot since the release of her 2022 smash hit debut single “Munch.” Like many a female rapper before her, she quickly amassed a gay following. When asked in an interview who she makes music for, Ice Spice responded, “I wouldn’t say girls, specifically, because the gays love me and I love the gays.

“I’m just making [music] that I like, honestly…. Everybody could really vibe to the beats,” she added.

A few months later, the judges at the MTV Music Awards really vibed to her music. She took home the Best New Artist Award in September, and she followed this up with (perhaps) an even more coveted honor: her own drink at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Once Ice Spice finishes up her remaining solo shows, fans can watch her burn up the stage with Doja Cat. Their first joint US tour date kicks off in Miami on November 21.

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