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In the world of television series featuring incredibly hot couples, the Netflix streaming hit “Outer Banks” currently reigns supreme thanks to the chemistry between John B. Routledge and Sarah Cameron, who are respectively played by Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline.

After three successful seasons of “Outer Banks,” the showrunners have confirmed that season four of the Gen Z action/adventure series is in the works, and Madelyn Cline will reprise her role as “Kook princess turned Pogue leader.”

Although “Outer Banks” is Cline’s first major role, this young American actress has already starred alongside Hollywood stars such as Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts in the hit movie “Glass Onion,” as well.

Let’s get into more details about Madelyn Cline’s life and work:

Madelyn Cline at a glance

Madelyn Cline arrives at the Premiere Of “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, via Shutterstock.

Born and raised in a coastal community of South Carolina, not far from the shoals and islands of the real Outer Banks, Madelyn Cline became interested in modeling and acting as a child.

After appearing in a few TV commercials, she moved to Southern California to pursue her acting career. At the age of 25, she can easily play younger Gen Z characters based on her youthful appearance and the fact that she was a child of the late 1990s.

Madelyn is often mentioned as a Netflix star because she has also worked on two episodes of the popular 80s nostalgia fest known as “Stranger Things.”

Madelyn Cline’s TV romance became a reality

When the first season of “Outer Banks,” which fans endearingly refer to as OBX, started filming in 2019, Madelyn was not expecting life to imitate art as quickly as it did in terms of her romance with Chase Stokes.

The smoldering relationship between Sarah and John in OBX caused fans to wonder if something else was going on outside of the set, and this suspicion was confirmed in the summer of 2020. OBX fans were elated to see Madelyn and Chase as a real-life couple, and their storybook relationship at one point seemed to be headed toward the altar, but the couple split up in October 2021.

Madelyn enjoys the perks of filming close to home

A year before the Chase and Madelyn romance, filming of OBX had moved from Wilmington in North Carolina to Charleston in South Carolina; this was a decision made by the OBX production team and Netflix in response to HB 2, the controversial legislation known as the “North Carolina bathroom bill,” which political analysts describe as blatant anti-trans legislation.

Wilmington’s loss of OBX ended up being a gain for Madelyn because Charleston is very close to her hometown of Goose Creek along the South Carolina coast.

She is a Gen Z rising star

Madelyn applauded Netflix’s decision to relocate the OBX production to Charleston not only because she enjoys working close to home but also because she repudiates initiatives such as the North Carolina bathroom bill.

As a young actress who represents Generation Z, Madelyn is aware that her public persona can help in terms of supporting social justice, and she likes to use Twitter to this effect.

Madelyn knows that the American South has an unfortunate history when it comes to social justice issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, which she fully supports, but she also knows that she can contribute towards making a change.

In 2020, she encouraged her Twitter followers to support making Juneteenth a national holiday.

She has previously dealt with body image issues

Growing up as an attractive teenager in the hyper-sexualized era of the 2010s, Madelyn became obsessively self-conscious about her body image.

According to a 2020 interview with Women’s Health magazine, Madelyn used to wake up very early in the morning at the age of 16 to engage in a high-intensity cardio exercise routine that would last for more than 20 minutes.

It was around that age when Madelyn considered modeling and acting, but her mind was focused on the body image pushed onto young women at the turn of the century, which was as skinny as during the 1990s but with muscle tone, so she combined weightlifting with cardio and an emerging eating disorder.

Madelyn was able to overcome body dysmorphic disorder with the help of her mother, and she has learned to embrace the natural curves she flaunts on OBX, where she spends a lot of time wearing bikinis.

Madelyn is a straight woman

Although she is straight, Madelyn Cline has shown LGBTQ+ allyship over the years. On her popular Instagram account, Madelyn displays “she/her” as pronouns. While she likes to keep her personal life mostly private, she has graciously answered relationship questions during interviews with entertainment news publications, and it is clear that she prefers to date handsome men in her age group.

Following her breakup with Chase Stokes, Madelyn was seen spending time with DJ Zack Bialobos and musician Jackson Guthy of the pop music band North of Nine. These days, she lives a private life in Malibu with her boyfriend and their dogs.

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