Anti-Gay Right Wing Terror Squads Caused a Power Outage in North Carolina This Weekend

In Moore County, North Carolina, a series of power outages over the weekend may have a sinister source.

During a weekend in which anti-trans activists threatened to harm a doctor administering gender-affirming care to patients at Boston Children’s Hospital and gun-toting protesters showed up at a drag queen story hour in Ohio, a right wing militia in Moore county may have intentionally gunned down power stations to “protest” a drag show.

Now, the FBI is involved.


If you’re thinking to yourself, “hey, isn’t it weird that all this is happening in the aftermath of the Club Q shooting?” you’re not the only one.

In Moore County, power outages caused temperatures to drop to dangerous lows. It’s no surprise to learn that the hate account Libs of TikTok may have been behind the coordinated attack.

The drag show in question was an 18+ event, which means that right wing militias have stopped pretending that their problem is with drag queen story hours exclusively. It’s not surprising, of course: only last month, Tennessee legislators started a crusade to make drag shows illegal.

Yet the message they’re still clinging to is “drag performers are pedophiles.”

If you want to know what domestic terrorism looks like, look no further than the right wing attacks on Moore County.

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