A Children’s Hospital Providing Gender-Affirming Care is Being Targeted with Death Threats. Guess Who’s Behind It.

· Updated on August 16, 2022

Back in June, Harvard Law clinical instructor and trans activist Alejandra Caraballo tweeted about the troll account Libs of TikTok harassing a Nebraska children’s hospital for providing access to information about gender-affirming care at a Pride event.

Now, the account has taken on a bigger target: Boston Children’s Hospital.

As Caraballo has pointed out, Libs of TikTok has been publicly harassing the hospital on Twitter for the past week due to its policy of providing gender-affirming care to trans teens and adults. Now, employees and providers at BCH have been receiving death threats and harassment.

The Libs of TikTok account claims, like so many other right-wing propaganda accounts, that providing access to gender-affirming care for minors is tantamount to child abuse and “grooming.” The truth is much less sensational: the hospital provides care to children and adults who are seeking transition-related care. Libs of TikTok, however, seems to believe that because the Wayback Machine shows a time when BCH didn’t specify a specific age cutoff for gender-affirming surgeries, the hospital is responsible for encouraging teens to seek medical care without their parents’ knowledge or approval.

Which, even if it were true, wouldn’t actually be a bad thing, especially if your parents are rampant transphobes.

But there’s a bigger question to be asked in the midst of all this: why is Libs of TikTok still allowed to be active on Twitter? Once again, Alejandra Caraballo has the answer:

With or without the Musk drama, it’s pretty interesting to see accounts like Libs of TikTok flourish on Twitter while other accounts end up banned for “hate speech” when they are, in fact, trying to counteract hate speech.

Meanwhile, in France, Libs of TikTok has already been banned thanks to laws in place that prevent bigots and white nationalists from being platformed:

What would it be like to live in a world where bigots aren’t platformed? Sadly, here in the U.S., we wouldn’t know anything about that!

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