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Indie singer Lauv just came out again

Like so many folks, indie pop artist Lauv has complicated thoughts on his sexuality. The “I Like Me Better” singer likes himself better when he stops holding back his true self, he said in a new post on TikTok.

Last summer, Lauv came out as queer, saying that though he was dating a girl he’s “a little bit into men.” Now, he’s taken to TikTok once again, this time to say that he’s gay — or rather, that all the labels aren’t his speed.

“I feel like I’m gay, okay?” Lauv said. “And I’ve said this so many times, and I’ve still not claimed to actually be, because I have not had enough experience to say.” 

“I find myself wanting to be a lot more — I don’t want to think of intelligent ways to say this!” he continued, adopting a stereotypical gay accent with a higher voice and a slight lisp. “I just find myself feeling a little bit more like this, and I would rather just f*cking let it all fly.”

He dropped his voice again before saying, “But instead I hold back and I make myself feel like I have to be kinda like this.”


Anyone else ever think/feel this way?

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Which of those voices is Lauv’s natural way of speaking? It’s difficult to say, considering he admits he’s been repressing his true self. Regardless, everyone in the comments fully sympathized with Lauv’s situation, saying his feelings are not only valid but painfully relatable.

“The auto deepening of the voice is so real,” one commenter wrote. “People look at you so differently [because] of that simple fact.”

“This was quite literally my coming out experience — let it all fly and figure it out as you go!” reads another comment.

Ultimately, though, one comment put it best: “Either way, Lauv is Lauv.”

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