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Julia Fox comes out as a lesbian: “So sorry, boys”

Pop culture icon Julia Fox just casually came out as a lesbian in a new TikTok, and the internet is shook.

Fox was seemingly inspired by another lesbian’s TikTok to come out. Popular TikToker Emily Gracin (aka emgracedawg) used her second account to shed some light on a pre-coming out phenomenon.

“I love when you see a lesbian with their boyfriend,” Gracin said. “It’s like, ‘Aw, you hate that man.’”

That’s where Fox butted in, stitching the video to say she could relate.

“Hey! That was me. I was that lesbian,” Fox said. “So sorry, boys. Won’t happen again.”

Who are the boys in question? Fox could be referring to her infamous ex Kanye West, or her ex-husband Peter Artemiev. Either way, it looks like we’ll never see her in a hetero relationship again.

Fox’s comments section immediately went wild, with other lesbians congratulating her on coming out and welcoming her to the queer community.

“This means I’m so Julia,” one lesbian commented — and indeed, Fox’s coming out brings new sapphic meaning to the iconic Charli xcx lyric. 

Others said they called it after finishing Fox’s 2023 memoir Down The Drain. “After reading your book I immediately knew queen,” one commenter wrote.

Gracin, for her part, seems proud to be a part of queer history. In a comment on Fox’s video, she wrote, “I peaked.” And in a second TikTok, she reacted to Fox’s coming out video, writing, “Did I just facilitate Julia Fox coming out.”


#duet with @Julia fox #Stitch IM SO JULIAAAAAAA ily queen

♬ original sound – Julia fox

Meanwhile, the rest of Gracin’s original TikTok can shed a little more light on why Fox could relate.

“Those girls that they’re so mean to their boyfriends, and it’s like, ‘Girl. Baby. You’re just a lesbian,'” Gracin said. “Like, they literally despise the man that they’re dating. Anything the guy says, they’re yelling at him and giving him dirty looks.”

“The guy is always so obsessed with them, too,” she continued. “This girl is their entire world. Like, they’re so anxiously attached, and it’s like, maybe just find a straight girl. This girl doesn’t like you! She’s lesbian! That’s why she despises you so much.”


my favorite lgbtq couple is this

♬ original sound – emgracedawg pt.2

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