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Matt Rogers’ biggest turn-on has the gays scratching their heads

Since rising to fame as a co-host of Las Culturistas alongside bestie Bowen Yang and starring in Joel Kim Booster’s Fire Island, Matt Rogers has been the object of a million internet crushes. Now, he’s revealed the key to his heart.

On a recent episode of the new podcast Breathe If You Agree, Rogers told co-hosts Nick Lehmann and Julian Burzynski about his biggest turn-on.

“The truth is, I have an intimacy kink,” Rogers said. “What I think is hot is, like — this is weird — but, a little bit of ‘I love you’ play.”

That comment produced gasps from both Lehmann and Burzynski, who watched with dropped jaws as Rogers continued.

“Like, when you’re in somebody and they go, ‘Tell me you love me,’ I’m like, ‘I love you,” Rogers said. “And then afterwards, you come and you’re like, ‘Okay, well, we know we didn’t mean that.’”

Beyond Rogers’ casual reveal that he tops (at least some of the time), the idea of his “intimacy kink” had the gays equally curious. Does being into saying “I love you” qualify as a kink, or does it just mean Rogers is on the hunt for a serious relationship?

“Bless Matt,” wrote one commenter on a snippet of the podcast posted to TikTok. “Can someone love him the way he deserves so he doesn’t have to think intimacy is a kink?”

“So close! That’s just loving each other,” wrote another.

One comment even said Rogers’ turn-on “is wholesome content honestly!” Not typically what you’d expect from a discussion about kinks.

Others were horrified by the idea of exchanging I-love-yous during a hookup.

“That happened to me once and I ran for my life,” wrote one commenter. “Grab no shoes nor nothing.”

Another said that Rogers’ kink is a slippery slope: “My man and I used to do the ‘I love you’ play… and then we fell in love and now the fun is ruined!”

Rogers admits that his intimacy kink comes from a past relationship, as opposed to some innate attraction to love.

“I honestly think it’s a kink because I had one of those situations where, like, zero to one hundred. Like, I thought I was in love and all those things,” he explained on the podcast. “And I think a little bit of it is me trying to recreate that, but it’s not healthy.”

Don’t worry, Matt — clearly, plenty of folks are into intimacy, too.

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