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Remember when Andy Cohen and Daniel Craig went on a romantic getaway?

Is St. Barts for lovers? Does what happen in St. Barts stay in St. Barts? Not for longtime pals Daniel Craig and Andy Cohen, who once were spotted soaking up the sun on the Caribbean island during an especially cheeky 2008 vacation.

Now we’ve discussed Daniel Craig’s confusing sexuality before—confusing in the sense that he seems to think he’s straight despite the fact that we, the nosy gay public, know in our hearts that both he and Rachel are gay icons.

But be that as it may: before Craig took the role of out gay detective Benoit Blanc, before he did that extra saucy interview where he confessed to smooching all his leading men (as one does), he was hanging out with Bravo’s finest on St. Barts.

Now listen—men can hang out together without there being anything gay about it. But there’s also this picture to consider. Look at their body language: is this the pose of two men who are NOT secretly in love? Honestly, the jury is out.

Some context: Craig was on St. Barts ringing in the end of 2008 and the 2009 New Year with his then-girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell. But for some reason, there are a million photos out there of Craig and Andy Cohen having a gay old time together, while Mitchell remains strangely absent.

Years later, Craig would come on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show “Radio Andy” for a very flirty discussion of James Bond’s sexuality and Craig’s “playful” kiss with No Time to Die costar Rami Malek. Which gave us the extraordinary tidbit that Craig likes to kiss all his leading men, especially Javier Bardem.

We don’t know what happened all those years ago in St. Bart’s, but that’s what our imagination is for. Whether or not Andy Cohen would classify Craig as a pass around party bottom like his pal Anderson Cooper or consider him a soulmate on the level of John Mayer, perhaps we’ll never know. But we can dream, can’t we?

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