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Reneé Rapp fans think she came out as a lesbian & they have receipts

Reneé Rapp has been a sapphic icon for years. The Broadway-actress-turned-pop-star came out as bisexual while starring in The Sex Lives of College Girls, and since then, she’s developed a massive queer fanbase. But after appearing as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, fans are convinced Rapp now identifies as a lesbian.

The speculation stems from a sketch that Rapp appeared in during the show. In the sketch, Rapp was introduced by Bowen Yang as “our little lesbian intern Reneé.” Guest host Jacob Elordi repeated the moniker, saying, “You ready, little lesbian intern Reneé?” And Rapp wasn’t merely playing a character that shared her name, but a comedic version of herself: the sketch included references to her recent press tour for Mean Girls, where she’s become infamous for a lack of media training.

Fans of Rapp’s, especially those who are lesbians themselves, were beyond excited to hear her use the label.

Rapp’s SNL appearance is only the latest example of her lesbianism, fans say. She’s also read the lesbian masterdoc, a tool for helping people figure out if they’re lesbians. 

She also casually referred to herself as a lesbian during the Mean Girls press tour, and in an interview with Andy Cohen earlier this week, she said, “I don’t think I like boys.”

Rapp herself has indirectly responded to the speculation on social media. She liked a fan’s TikTok about the importance of seeing lesbian representation on a platform like SNL, seemingly confirming she identifies with the label. 


reneé rapp is the gay hero we all need!! #reneerapp

♬ Pretty Girls – Reneé Rapp

She also posted a picture of herself and Cara Delevingne, each holding one of Megan Thee Stallion’s arms (taken ahead of Megan’s surprise appearance during Rapp’s SNL performance of their song Not My Fault). She captioned the picture, “Lesbian bodyguards (they can’t do anything but they’ll talk shit).”

At this point, it’s all but confirmed that Rapp identifies as a lesbian, and not as bisexual as she’d previously stated. It’s a revelation plenty of her fans can relate to — coming out and settling into one’s identity is a journey, not a moment, as queer people know all too well.

Still, some people are upset that Rapp has apparently ditched the bisexual label, citing bi-erasure and “fake bisexuality” as concerns. But Rapp’s fans have sprung to her defense: “People are allowed to change the way they identify,” one fan wrote. “Saying it’s ‘biphobic’ to assume she’s changed sexuality is actually lesbophobic [because] you’re not allowing her to identify as she wants.”

Regardless of Rapp’s sexuality, one thing’s for sure: she’s an absolutely killer performer. Check out her performance of Not My Fault on SNL below.

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