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Saucy Santana says he wouldn’t want a gay son

Saucy Santana is a rare queer voice in the rap scene, loudly and proudly owning his sexuality in his music and aesthetic. But despite his pride in himself, the “Material Girl” rapper has said he wouldn’t want his own son to be gay.

In a new interview for VH1’s For The Fellas, Santana was asked if he wants to have kids. 

“I feel like if I have a son, I wouldn’t want my son to be gay,” Santana replied. “And not because nothing is wrong with it, but because of everything that I went through.”

In other words, growing up gay wasn’t easy for Santana, and he wouldn’t want his future son to suffer like he did. When asked if he might be projecting some self-hatred with his answer, Santana set the interviewer straight.

“I don’t ever look at it as self-hate, because I love myself more than anybody,” he said. “I think that it’s just not easy.”

Santana compared his feelings to those of parents who come from low-income backgrounds and want more stability for their kids.

“I want better,” he said. “I don’t even know if ‘better’ is the right word, because as I said, to me nothing is wrong with being gay.”

“But you want the world to treat gay people better,” one of the interviewers replied, and Santana agreed. The full interview with Santana will drop on December 15.

Fatherhood may not be on Santana’s agenda, but he has plenty of other projects to look forward to. He’ll be making his acting debut in Secret Society 3: ‘Til Death, the final movie in a trilogy about two trans women navigating the drama and danger of high society. Santana, a fan of the first two movies, will be making a cameo as himself. Secret Society 3: ‘Til Death will be streaming on Amazon on December 15.

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