Stephanie Beatriz: A Bi-conic Latina Actress, Singer, and Model Breaking Barriers

Stephanie Beatriz is a talented actor whose work spans television, film, and theatre. From her role as Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine to other projects, including Disney’s Encanto and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical adaptation In The Heights, she has been captivating audiences with her incredible talent and on-screen presence.

In addition to her acting credits, Stephanie is also an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and bisexual representation in the media. Let’s take a closer look at this inspiring woman and learn more about her journey from Argentina to Hollywood stardom!

Stephanie at a glance

Stephanie Beatriz is 5′ 7″ (1.7m) tall and was born on February 10, 1981. She was born and raised in Neuquén, Argentina before moving to the United States when she was two years old.

She grew up in Webster, Texas where she attended high school before earning a BFA in Theatre Performance from the all-women’s Stephens College in Missouri. After college, she moved to New York City with aspirations of becoming an actress, and she currently lives in Los Angeles.

Stephanie Beatriz is proudly bisexual

While she knew she was bisexual since the age of 12 or 13, Stephanie came out publicly as bisexual on Twitter in 2016.

Since coming out, she got married to actor Brad Hoss in 2018, and they welcomed their first child this August 2021. As an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, especially bisexual representation within the media industry, Stephanie uses her platform to raise awareness about issues faced by people within the community all over the world.

Her work also transcends cultural barriers

As a multicultural artist, Stephanie Beatriz has become an inspiration to many around the world by showing that it is possible to break through barriers without compromising one’s identity or sense of self. Her success story is an inspiration for many actors from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds looking to make their mark in Hollywood.

Her most iconic on-screen role so far has been as Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which won her an Imagen Foundation Award for Best Supporting Actress – Television in 2018. Her role is an example of art imitating life; in 2017, Rosa comes out as bisexual with a quick and blunt line, “I’m dating a woman. I’m bi.”

In addition, Stephanie won five awards in recent years for her voice-over role as Mirabel in Disney’s Encanto. She also had memorable roles as Sonia on Modern Family, Gina Cazador on BoJack Horseman, and as a queer character, Carla, in In The Heights.

Stephanie uses her platform to combat bi-erasure (inside and outside the LGBTQ+ community)

Stephanie Beatriz is an advocate for bisexual visibility and combats bi-erasure through her platform. She’s used her interviews and comedic nature for raising awareness about issues faced by the bisexual community. Her example is an inspiration to many and she continues to be a powerful voice in the fight for inclusion and acceptance.


Stephanie Beatriz is an inspirational success story, rising from her Argentinian roots to attain a celebrated and substantial career in Hollywood. The magnitude of her accomplishments goes beyond the screen, given that she has also worked diligently to bring visibility and acceptance to LGBTQ+ rights across media industries worldwide. Her achievements thus far have been nothing short of remarkable – we can’t wait with anticipation for what other extraordinary projects await us!

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