Was Megan Thee Stallion outed by cameraman’s lawsuit?

Last night, news broke that Megan Thee Stallion is facing a lawsuit from a former cameraman, Emilio Garcia, alleging that the rapper created a hostile work environment, among other claims. While Megan’s team has been quick to point out that the suit does not include any sexual misconduct charges, a large part of the complaint concerns an incident in which Megan had sex with someone while Garcia was in still in the vehicle. Whether or not Megan was aware of Garcia’s presence in the car at the time, the suit does allege that Megan began engaging in sexual activities with a woman before telling Garcia to stay silent about what he witnessed afterward.


I got the lawsuit filed against Meg thee Stallion by her previous camerman Emilio Garcia – so in the video I walk through all Of the allegations, Including hostile work environment + labor code violations

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We don’t know the exact language regarding what kind of sexual acts Megan and the other woman allegedly engaged in, but the claims, if true, would seem to out officially Megan without her consent.

The alleged events took place while Megan and her touring company were performing in Spain, which is where some of the FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act) violation claims enter in. Because Garcia was in a moving vehicle while the sexual acts were allegedly taking place, and also in a foreign country where he didn’t know anyone and was dependent on the touring company for transportation and housing, the case is much more complex legally than it might have been had these events taken place back in the States.

Megan’s team is pointing out that although the night in question did involve sexual acts, there’s no evidence that Megan was aware of Garcia’s presence in the vehicle, pointing out that she asked Garcia afterward whether he had in fact been present in the car at the time of the alleged incident. “This is an employment claim for money…with salacious accusations to attempt to embarrass her,” Megan’s lawyer Alex Spiro explained to The Daily Beast.

In the past, Megan hasn’t come out as any one queer identity, but fans of her music—and those who are aware of her queer allyship—have viewed some of her lyrics about women as a declaration of her queerness. In 2020, the rapper also told fans she was “looking for a girlfriend,” and her recent “Wanna Be” challenge was absolutely one for the sapphics.

Megan’s lawyers have said that they plan to dispute these allegations in court.

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