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Twitter is Convinced That This Major Director Just Came Out of the Closet

In this community, we know that coming out is often a lifelong process. Sometimes coming out has to happen again, and again, and again, and even then it’s no guarantee that one’s queer identity won’t keep changing and growing more complex as time goes on.

We also know that some folks take a bit longer to embrace their queer identity than others. Sometimes coming out is compulsory. Other times, it’s a slow-burning process that takes decades. The point is, there’s never a right or wrong time to come out.

Perhaps more importantly, there’s never a wrong time to obsessively pick over context clues that may or may not hint at a public figure’s sexuality. You might call it fiddling while Rome burns, and to that I say, why the hell not? Everything’s trash!

At Tuesday night’s Golden Globes ceremony, eyebrows were raised across the gayosphere when lauded director Steven Spielberg made an…interesting speech about having the courage to live your truth.

At the ripe age of 76, folks are wondering if Spielberg—whose semi-autobiographical film The Fabelmans won big at the Golden Globes this year—is trying to tell us something.

Now before you get up in arms, here are the facts that folks are picking up on: the character of Sammy Fabelman, based heavily on Spielberg himself, is queer in the film. Not only that, but Spielberg’s longtime collaborator Tony Kushner, who wrote the screenplay for the film, is one of our most celebrated gay playwrights. “Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes,” anyone?

In Spielberg’s acceptance speech, he said that he was “hiding” from the autobiographical story for his entire life and that he in fact put up barriers in order to not tell it: until Tony Kushner gave him the nudge.

So is Spielberg bisexual, or does he just like saying “story” a lot? The jury is out. But not really, because everyone online is fairly convinced.

I mean…

And sure, it’s important to distinguish the art from the artist. And yet…

The tea is hot.

PATIENTLY waiting.

Calling it exactly like we see it.

It’s never too late, Steve!

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