Kathy Griffin Claps Back at Andy Cohen and Drags TMZ

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A day after Andy Cohen told a TMZ reporter “I don’t know her” when asked about comedian Kathy Griffin who he is replacing as co-host of CNN’s New Years special with pal Anderson Cooper, she has clapped back.

And even has some words for TMZ founder Harvey Levin who she begins the video by doxing on camera and releasing his personal number to the public.

The explosive YouTube clip was uploaded Saturday morning, and the comedian who is still reeling from the backlash following her infamous Donald Trump beheading photo tells viewers that not only does her ex-boss Andy Cohen “know her”, but that he’s offered her cocaine before appearing on his live show.

When she turns her gaze to that the entirety of TMZ, she puts out a warning to those that go to the site for news and gossip that its leader, Levin, speaks with the president of the United States a few times a week.

And she even states that the entire entity is misogynistic.

Watch the 17-minute clip below, which she states will be taken down due to the releasing of private information, an issue she seems unbothered by. So much so that she asks her fans to record video and keep releasing it so it’s not erased from the internet.

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