Lara Trump has a truly bonkers conspiracy theory to share

After claiming that Spanish speakers (42 million Americans) are responsible for the decline of our great nation, Lara Trump is at it again with another insane theory-cum-opinion-cum-brainfart.

Speaking to Newsmax, Trump spoke on Biden’s claim that if it weren’t for the threat of Donald Trump’s 2024 run, he wouldn’t be running for a second term. Trump found a way to turn this into a problem, as usual.

“Is that because [Biden] thinks [Trump] will investigate his family even further?”

This is quite familiar to us already: it’s the same “lock her up” rhetoric we’ve heard a million times before. But in terms of Lara Trump claiming Biden’s family is the one that needs to be investigated, um…

Does someone want to tell her?

I guess this family is magically immune to the normal effects of hypocrisy, but even so. Really? Claiming other people’s families are the ones needing to be investigated? Madame, did you not just release a cover of “I Won’t Back Down” that constitutes a federal crime against Tom Petty?

This is also the woman who mocked people with stutters and caused Jake Tapper to rip her to shreds on CNN recently.

Maybe stick to making piss-poor covers of country songs, Lara.

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