Is Lauren Boebert the new Taylor Swift?

· Updated on January 30, 2024

What do Lauren Boebert and Taylor Swift have in common? Plenty, according to a now viral post.

Since coming out in support of Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election, pop superstar Swift has stayed firmly planted on the left side of American politics. Who does that leave little right-wing girls who want their own idol to look up to? Apparently they get Boebert, if a post on X, formerly Twitter, is to be believed.

“To those who might say, ‘The Right [needs] its own Taylor Swift for young women to look up to!’ I answer we already have that,” wrote conservative commentator Scott Greer. “Her name is Lauren Boebert.”

For the uninitiated, Boebert is a MAGA Republican who represents Colorado’s third congressional district, a position she’s held since 2021. She narrowly won reelection in 2022, and her seat is up for grabs again this year — but given a certain scandal, she’ll have a hard time eking out a third victory. These days, she’s better known for having fooled around in the audience of the musical Beetlejuice, groping her companion’s genitals and vaping in the theater.

Swift, meanwhile, is America’s sweetheart, particularly given her recent relationship with football star Travis Kelce, who’s now on his way to the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. Swift will likely be in the stands, cheering him — and she’ll likely be better behaved than Boebert when it comes to audience etiquette.

So where did this comparison come from? Both Swift and Boebert are known for wearing red lipstick, but the similarities stop there.

Folks were also quick to point out the absurdity of the original poster, Greer, who notes in his display name that he’s also 6’2” with an IQ of 187.

Greer appears to be in on the joke himself, though, even coining an equivalent to the name Swifties for fans of Boebert: “Boebies.” Admittedly, it’s got a nice ring to it. If Boebert loses her seat in the upcoming election, maybe we can expect her debut single in 2025 along with her own Eras Tour.

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