Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs 3-Minute ‘Hamilton’ with Kids

If you haven’t seen Hamilton and you have an extra $1000 lying around, it’s worth they hype. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip hop tribute to American history is the best thing to happen to Broadway since Jason Biggs, Kathleen Turner, and Alicia Silverstone starred in a stage version of The Graduate.

Luckily for those who don’t have an extra month of rent to spend on Broadway tickets, Miranda just performed an abridged version on The Ellen Show. When I say abridged, I mean three minutes, with an adorable little historical buff named Macey Hensley as his only costar. Somehow, he manages to tell the life story of one of the greatest Americans in history, while managing to include all our favorite show tunes. He also puts a little sashay, shantay in his performance of “The Schuyler Sisters” that will make you “yas qween” at him.

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and Macey Hensley perform Hamilton in three minutes below:

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