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Photos of a young Keanu Reeves in a gay makeout sesh are causing a frenzy

John Wick actor Keanu Reeves is no stranger at all to going gay for pay. Before the Matrix Trilogy and The Devil’s Advocate, Reeves put in a memorable performance as a bisexual hustler in Gus Van Sant’s masterpiece My Own Private Idaho. And even before that, the Canadian actor could be caught smoochin’ fellow actor Carl Marotte on the set of 1984’s homoerotic stage play Wolfboy.

Pics to prove it? Why, certainly!

Keanu Reeves and Carl Marotte (1984)
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The context? In 1984, before Reeves was the celebrated action star we know him as today, he was breaking into the Canadian theater scene by starring in Wolfboy with fellow Canadian twink Carl Marotte. The play, penned by Canadian author Brad Fraser, concerned a taboo relationship between a young man (Reeves) and a werewolf—or someone who thinks he’s a werewolf.

If this is sounding gay as blazes to you, you’re not the only one. According to one source, the queer community went absolutely wild over the promo photo shoots of Marotte and Reeves snuggling, ripping the plastered images down soon as they went up. Who could blame them?

The photos show the two boys engaging in a blissful, tortured eroticism—and if that’s not a way to get people to see theater, I don’t know what is.

Move over, Matt and Ben: there’s a new twink couple in town.

Apparently, Wolfboy was made into a 2009 musical—but did it include the part where Keanu’s character strips down and does push-ups in his tighty whities? I guess we’ll never know. Unless someone decides to do a revival of this play with, oh, off the top of my head, Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan.

The best part is that this photoshoot is far from the gayest thing Keanu Reeves posed for in 1984. Allow us to produce for the satisfaction of the jury Exhibits A, B, and C all in one:

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Keanu Reeves: melting our hearts (and other body parts) since 1984.

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