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This ‘Surface Level Podcast’ & GLAAD collab is one to be proud of

Surface Level Podcast and GLAAD are teaming up to honor Black and Brown storytellers in the best way.

Pride is about celebration and joy, but it’s also about the rich stories and experiences that comes out of our community. Surface Level Podcast, hosted by Howard alumni Damon Epps, Tony Jermin, and Jordan Randall, follows a more nuanced approach to highlighting and uplifting Black queer experiences and stories. Now, with LGBTQ+ media advocacy nonprofit GLAAD, they’re ensuring more diverse voices are heard in the “Voices: Stay Proud” campaign.

The campaign, just in time for Pride month, celebrates a cadre of Black and Brown LGBTQ+ storytellers in photos and tells a powerful story for and by the community.

“Voices: Stay Proud” brings together a chorus of Black & Brown LGBTQ+ storytellers who refuse to be silenced,” said Epps, host of Surface Level Podcast and campaign Creative Director. “Each voice represented here is an independent show who we have admired or crossed paths with along our journey. Bringing everyone together under one roof, if only for a day, was truly magical and we are thrilled to have captured that moment to share with our community.”

The shows represented in the campaign highlight a multitude of ethnicities, sexualities, gender identities, and ages. Storytelling is just as diverse as those who tell the stories. The “Voices: Stay Proud” campaign shows the beauty within the variations of the human experience and the unifying power of storytelling.

Check out all of these fabulous storytellers and their shows below.

Surface Level: Curious conversations about the Black and Queer experience. Hosted by Damon, Jordan & Tony. 

Hung Up Pod Live: A culture and society podcast with a queer perspective and focus. Hosted by Eric Cole and Tony Purnell. 

BYLATINMEN: A Queer-Latino entertainment podcast. Hosted by Kevin Ortega-Rojas and Anthony Polanco. 

Bad Queers: Bad Queers,will leave you offended and inspired by challenging stereotypes of the LGBTQ+ experience. Hosted by Kris and Shana 

SGTV (Straight Gay): A dynamic YouTube show where a straight man and a gay man share laughs, insights, and real talk, breaking barriers and building bridges with every episode. Hosted by Jerel Anderson & J. Monroe 

Busy Boys Uncensored: Showing the LGBTQIA+ youth that you can find community just like we did. Hosted by Mayce Vassago, Sekani Nolasco, Damontae Hack, and Jahlil Whitehead. 

FQ Crazy Sexy Cool (Femme Queen): Inspiring discussion on various social, cultural, political and entertaining topics with three intergenerational trans women. Hosted by Tabytha, Tempress & Asia. 

Minoritea Report: Fostering Black & Queer Communitea. Hosted by Aun-teas Kerel, Dawon, & Jerrell. 

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