President Obama Gives An EXPLOSIVE And Also DIVISIVE Interview To Prince Harry

He’s out of the White House and zero f*cks to give!

In a radio interview with Prince Harry, who’s guest-hosting BBC Radio 4’s Today over the Christmas holidays, former President Barack Obama doesn’t hold back at all. His answers are bold, his takes are hot, and his opinions are, dare I even saydivisive?

For example! When asked by the future Mr. Meghan Markle whether he likes Titanic more than The Bodyguard, Obama says Titanic.

Wow! Bye! Incredibly no and extremely not same!

I mean, yeah, The Bodyguard loses points for making me care about something Kevin Costner-adjacent, but “Queen of the Night”! “I Have Nothing”! The rare Dolly Parton cover that’s better than the original! A four-hour long epic about one woman’s refusal to share a door cannot comPARE to the movie that gave us one of Whitney Houston’s most iconic film roles this side of Waiting to Exhale.

But that’s not all: Prince Harry also asks the former POTUS whether he prefers Tina Turner to Aretha Franklin, and he says “Aretha’s the best.” No? What?? The only acceptable answer to that truly impossible question is “This interview is over!”

If you think you can handle any more of this, read the entire interview with former President Obama, where he also talks about some other stuff that’s kind of important like the increasing political polarization that social media hath wrought and how world leaders should use Twitter and stuff more responsibly.

But Titanic? Really? Over The Bodyguard?? Really?!

Photo by Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

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