Racer Lewis Hamilton Mocks Nephew on Social Media for Wearing Princess Dress

British F1 racer Lewis Hamilton is under fire on social media after posting a video mocking his young nephew who received and wore a princess dress for Christmas.

On the video, which had an “eyes covered” monkey emoji on it, Lewis said, “I’m so sad right now. Look at my nephew.” He then shows his nephew wearing a purple and pink princess dress.

“Why’re you wearing a princess dress?” Hamilton asks his nephew. “Is this what you got for Christmas?” Hamilton then asks. The boy nods in response.
“Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?” Hamilton then raises his voice and yells, “Boys don’t wear princess dresses!” His nephew then covers his ears and runs away.

People on social media excoriated the star not only for his backwards view of gender roles, but for forcing them onto his young nephew.

Some people on Twitter took this as an opportunity to remind the racing star that he too makes some *interesting* fashion choices.

Hamilton has yet to address the matter on social media, though he could be steering clear of going online right now.

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