‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Power Ranking: Can Kameron Michaels Muscle Her Way to the Top?

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Fourteen queens walked into the Season 10 workroom now only half a dozen remain. After a tumultuous and revolutionary tenure on Drag Race, The Vixen sashayed away while Asia O’Hara, who delivered a fun and funky lip sync to “Groove Is in the Heart,” lasted another day.

After this week’s Cher-inspired Rusical challenge, INTO’s power ranking looks much different. But the queens have never been closer. Without further ado, here’s where the queens are as we edge closer and closer to a top four.

1. Eureka (Last week: 1)

This is now Eureka’s third week in a row atop the INTO power ranking. And while she’s performing very well on the show, she’s still rather divisive in the fandom. After some pretty consistent shading from Asia O’Hara claiming Eureka intentionally dodged her at RuPaul’s DragCon, Asia eventually apologized, but that was after the damage had been done and the fandom had come to see Eureka as a diva.

And while The Vixen may have walked out of the workroom, her conflict with Eureka didn’t have any winners. Eureka still carries a stain with her from those fights and it’ll be a scarlet letter if she can’t seem to shake it off in the coming weeks.

2. Kameron Michaels (Last week: 2)

Speaking of things coming in 3s, this is Kameron Michaels’ third week in the top three queens on the power ranking, that is. Michaels has certainly blossomed in the competition. And there’s a reason. She’s damn charismatic. Everyone at RuPaul’s DragCon was able to see her charm in person. I saw her speak about her own geekdom at the gay gamer panel and Michaels is the real deal.

In terms of the competition, Michaels’ spot-on Cher vocals (after a spot-on Chyna impression last week!) in the Rusical landed her her first challenge win. Michaels is certainly the sleeper threat of the season, and who knows what else she has in her bag of tricks.

3. Monet X Change (Last week: 6)

In the first two weeks of the ranking, Monet X Change had some prime real estate in the top three. However, two weeks in the bottom two made it hard for Monet to scrape her way back up. But, here we are! After three weeks of stellar performances, Monet has finally gotten the reputation she deserves.

But is it enough? As the contestants are whittled down to the final four, Monet X Change and Miz Cracker stand out like sore thumbs neither of them has won a maxi challenge. (Monet X Change has won a mini challenge, however, which Miz Cracker has not.) For the last three weeks, Monet has said that it’s time for her train to pull into the challenge win station and it hasn’t happened yet. If she’s giving her best and not succeeding, it’s hard to have faith that it’ll happen this week.

4. Aquaria (Last week: 2)

Aquaria’s Cher impression last week proved that the judges won’t always automatically go gaga over everything the 21-year-old club kid produces. But let’s be serious she might be number four on this week’s power ranking, but she still seems to be number one in the judge’s hearts.

When it comes to Aquaria’s performance, the judges no doubt grant her a lot of leeway, way more it seems than some of the other contestants. With two wins under her belt and no turns in the bottom two! she’s a very strong contender as we enter the competition home stretch.

5. Miz Cracker (Last week: 4)

This is Cracker’s lowest-ever rank position. And that’s very bad for her. With no challenge wins, Cracker looks increasingly vulnerable. And while Michelle Visage loves her, if her schtick hasn’t landed her a win yet, there’s little hope it will in the coming weeks. You can hear Miz Cracker get more exasperated as the weeks go by. (I feel she really thought she’d win this week’s mini challenge, until RuPaul accidentally slapped Asia O’Hara, handing her a comedic win.) Even on her weekly show “Review With a Jew” she seems increasingly over the show’s decisions and is not even attempting to hide her mild disdain.

Cracker’s lowest-ever rank is especially sad given the (very premature) following she amassed since the show began. With just under 100k followers, she’s the most-followed queen of this season on Twitter by a large margin. But that early goodwill now seems more-than-unearned. No matter how hard she churns, she just can’t turn that cream into butter.

6. Asia O’Hara (Last week: 5)

If there’s one queen that doesn’t belong on the bottom of the list, it’s Asia O’Hara. She’s the season’s veteran and consummate artist and performer. But her ranking is another reminder that drag and Drag Race are two different things.

Another sad thing about seeing Asia O’Hara ranked sixth of six is that she’s turned every single runway this season (except the Last Ball on Earth). But ~lewks~ darling! That dandelion look? Stunning. Her clown runway? Slay. Her Tweety Bird? When will your fav!? Here’s to hoping Asia can soon pull off a win that gets her off this ladder’s bottom rung.

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