Sasha Velour Premieres First Short Film in Series, ‘Pirate Jenny’

Sasha Velour, famous drag queen and rose petal buyer, has released a new short film. “Pirate Jenny” is the first in an anthology series called One Dollar Drags made not only with the House of Velour, but with other members of Velour’s drag community (including some I saw perform at Nightgowns last month).

The beginning of “Pirate Jenny” sees Sasha Velour in a taxi cab driving to her performance while a bunch of other queens, led by Velour’s Drag Race Season 9 sister Peppermint, gather in the streets. As Velour performs for a group of unaffected straight, the other queens make their way to the club, eventually taking it over. It’s the type of eat the rich, down with the patriarchy message that we should all be very here for.

In an interview with PAPER, Velour says that creating films was a natural evolution for what House of Velour was already doing. “We’ve been doing magazines and a live show long before any of the Drag Race stuff happened,” Velour explained. “We had an opportunity and some resources to produce the film, and there’s so much power in creating stories and visuals that people can access all over the world. And so we started asking ourselves what kind of film we’d want to create.”

The idea behind the anthology title One Dollar Drags is that drag is for everyone and although glamour is amazing, drag doesn’t always need to be glamourous.

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