‘SNL’ Gets Super Gay With A Kate McKinnon, Gal Gadot Makeout

For anyone who spent the entire first act of Wonder Woman screaming “MAKE OOOOOOUT” at all the onscreen Amazons, does Saturday Night Live have a sketch for you.

The sketch, per Autostraddle, opens on the fictional island of Themyscira, home of the Amazons in the DC Comics universe. Diana, played by the actual Warner Bros. film star Gal GadotSNL’s host for the evening alongside musical guest Jason Aldeanspars against a fellow warrior, played by Leslie Jones, while a bunch of other Amazons watch on from behind them. Everyone is hot. Everyone should make out.

Just then, a pair of Extremely Legible Lesbians, played by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant, row to shore, interrupting the training session.

“It looks like we found a whole island of us!” says Bryant’s character.

“Show of hands, who all here’s a lez?” McKinnon’s follows up.

No hands go up, and the two women quickly realize that Themyscira will not be their Lesbos. Or as McKinnon’s character tells Bryant’s: “It’s like we’re in a porn, but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes.” At least Kate gets to make out with Gal Gadot midway through the sketch, which Autostraddle dubs “one of the gayest skits SNL has ever done.”

The Wonder Woman movie, which earned more than $400 million at the box office making it the fifth biggest superhero movie of all time, contained some queer subtext of its own. (Not that this SNL sketch counts as queer subtext. Screaming “WHO ALL HERE’S A LEZ” is just text, or like supertext.) In a scene between Gadot and co-star Chris Pine, Diana discusses the work of an Amazonian scholar, which “came to the conclusion that men are essential for procreation but when it comes to pleasure, unnecessary.” Can’t relate, but ha!

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