Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Call Me by Your Name’ Music Video Premieres in Time for Oscars Push

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If you haven’t seen Call Me by Your Name yet, you’re missing out on the greatest queer movie of the year, and likely one of the greatest of our time. Not only do Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet give beautiful performances that do André Aciman’s steamy novel justice. But it’s also accompanied by an amazing soundtrack by Sufjan Stevens that will make you fall in love and break your heart all over again.

With Oscars season underway, Call Me by Your Name is a frontrunner for many fans. With last year’s Moonlight taking home Best Picture, we’re hoping the momentum carries over for another queer film to take home the coveted statue once again. And one of many categories for which we’re rooting for the film is Best Original Song.

Stevens’ “Mystery of Love” is one of 70 original songs on the shortlist for nominees in that category. Other contenders include tracks from musicals like The Greatest Showmen and Beauty and the Beast. And although we love a good show tune, nothing has tugged at our heartstrings quite like this song.

Luckily, a new music video for “Mystery of Love” has been released just in time to help with the Oscars push. It sets the Stevens song to clips from the movie, perfectly illustrating his music’s chemistry with the film’s beautiful love story. So be sure to forward this to every Oscars voter you knowand then to your religious aunt so she understands that gay love is beautifuland then watch it before you go to bed while you replay memories of the first guy you kissed.

Go see Call Me by Your Name, in theaters now. And watch the video for Sufjan Stevens’ “Mystery of Love” below:

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