The New Meme Sweeping the Internet Envisions Other Versions of ‘Queer Eye’

Since the release of Netflix’s hit Queer Eye earlier this year, queer women have called for a version of the show in which the Fab Five is replaced by lesbians. But in the latest Queer Eye meme to tear through Twitter, people are reimagining the show in many other iterations — all of which we want to watch.

Most of us need help with other things besides home renovation, style updates or confidence boosts. Sometimes the most mundane everyday occurrences can feel the most taxing and overwhelming. One user wants help with the nuances of dating in the digital era.

Another user went a little bit deeper, calling for a show that delves into LGBTQ history.

@Imani_Barbarin wants to see a Fab Five of disabled people helping newly disabled people how to navigate the world.

Others called for additional forms of media representation.

Blake Chastain got meta.

Even got in on the fun.

And finally, one user demanded Netflix just brings back the Spice Girls, which is what we all really want deep down.

10/10 would watch.

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