Unhinged and loving it

This Lana Del Rey stan account is the most weirdly hilarious thing you’ll see all day

As a child, did you ever play with paper dolls? Did you get lost in fantasy worlds playing with characters who sprang out of your own imagination?

I mean…me neither. Not at all. Playing with dolls? Who does that…other than, like, everyone on the Internet. In the good old days (10+ years ago) it wasn’t uncommon to scroll past one of those ridiculous videos featuring stitched-together clips of celebs throwing shade at each other in chipmunk voices. And now, with the uncanny help of AI, we’ve reach the next level of Celebrity Dollhouse. And let’s just say it’s a brave new world out there.

For instance, take the utterly ingenious TikTok account @kindoflana, in which someone takes red carpet photos, removes the background, and uses AI to create convincing dollhouse dialogue for the pop culture main characters we know and love…namely Lana Del Rey. In a recent, beautifully unhinged offering, Lana invites all her famous friends (Nicki Minaj, Ed Sheeran, Ice Spice, Adele) to her mansion for a party. But then the lights go out, and uh oh, there’s a murder on the dance floor! As the body count increases, we learn that Lana is the mastermind behind it all (sorry Taylor) and part of the same coven that Stevie Nicks belongs to.

These aren’t the only kinds of clips on the page—others involve Lana singing “Grandfather Please Stand on My Shoulders” as a cutout of her grandfather literally stands on her father’s shoulders. Delightful! But this video is really the jewel in the crown of the whole account.

Basically it’s a completely gripping 2 minutes of film, and if you say otherwise you’re lying. It’s giving throwback, and we’re loving it.

It’s giving nostalgia, and also sheer entertainment.

In these troubled times, we need to laugh more than ever. Which is why we need to pretend that Kanye West crashed a party and Lana Del Rey’s house to compliment Ice Spice’s hair.

Why do we even NEED Ryan Murphy at this point?

Never underestimate Lana’s power!

Knives out could NEVER.

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