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Twitter’s Latest Pivot Could Be Gamechanging for Sex Workers

A potentially big change is coming to Twitter, one that’s been years in the making. The Washington Post reported this morning that Elon Musk, Twitter’s new daddy, is working on a feature that will allow creators to charge for video content.

Which is potentially good news for sex workers, especially after last year’s OnlyFans kerfuffle:

According to sex worker Ashley Lake, the change could potentially transform how sex workers make money online. The switch will (hopefully) take some of the power away from business models like OnlyFans and put some of it back into the hands of individuals.

Instead of wiping adult content from the site in a bid to get bigger advertisers, this move could help sex workers monetize their presence on the site rather than depending on third party platforms.

Even more exciting is the possibility of using Stripe on Twitter, a popular financial processing platform that has traditionally not been friendly to sex workers:

While Twitter is still very much in a transitional moment during the pending Musk takeover, changes like these could be potentially helpful for individual creators, including sex workers.

In Musk’s search for a more sustainable monetization platform, he might have just made an accidental difference in the way sex workers are paid (and charged by credit card companies) for their work:

That said, we’re still dealing with Elon Musk, so let’s not get too excited:

This move could help cis sex workers while still subjecting trans and nonbinary sex workers to hate on the platform, which famously has not done a fantastic job of protecting its most vulnerable users from hate speech and harassment.

While Tumblr is just getting back into the NSFW game, they’re still not allowing monetization, which means that individual creators could have their work stolen and recirculated without seeing a dime:

And, as Lake points out, Twitter is already a top site for adult content, it’s just that up until now, there hasn’t been a way for users to charge for adult media without leaving the site:

Obviously, even without advertisers, Twitter censorship (specifically government-mandated censorship) is still going to be a big problem.

There’s a reason why some folks aren’t feeling 100% positive about this move:

However, as Lake has explained, Musk is uniquely positioned to hold up under government censorship due to his wealth:

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