What Does It Mean to be Gynosexual?

The way one might approach their sexuality varies from person to person. What we might find attractive or sexually appealing does not need to fit into the stereotypes society presents to us. Sexuality refers to who you are attracted to and not what your gender identity is. That means you can identify as male or non-binary or anything in between and still be gynosexual.  

Gynosexuality refers to those who are attracted to femininity. These individuals are attracted to female characteristics in others, the opposite of this identity would be androsexuality, which refers to those who are attracted to masculinity. Gynosexuality is also a spectrum, for example some people are attracted solely to feminine people of one gender while others are attracted to feminine people of all genders. 

In this article, we will get into what it means to be gynosexual and how we can support the community. Being that gynosexuality is a rather new term, it is important that we learn about this identity so that we can better help spread awareness. 

Who is gynosexual?

Those who are gynosexual have an affinity for female characteristics. This can vary in practice, some gynosexuals are attracted to the physical aspects of femininity while others might be more drawn to emotional aspects of “femininity” that society imposes such as a nurturing and caring nature. 

Often the word gynosexual is used interchangeably with the word gynophilia, which means “the love of femininity.” However this word seems to carry a different connotation, many members of the community believe the word gynosexual refers to physical and sexual attraction to femininity while gynophilia refers to romantic attraction. This is still up for debate as people feel differently about the definitions. 

A good majority of those who refer to themselves as gynosexuals are agender or non-binary. Although this is not always the case it is the most common usage of the word. The reason for this is that it is often a more comfortable term, for example, a non-binary person who is attracted to females might like identifying as gynosexual over “straight” or “lesbian” as it isn’t very considerate of their gender identity and connection to the queer community. With that being said, gynosexuality is not limited to only nonbinary and agender individuals it is a well-accepted term throughout the queer community for all. 

Where does the word “gynosexual” come from?

Gynosexual stems from the Greek word “gyn,” for “woman” or “female.” The term is relatively new in the LGBTQ+ community and is part of a movement to create more inclusive identities and terms for those who don’t identify with the stereotypical gender identities. 

The word was specifically created so that individuals could express their attraction to female characteristics without having to give into traditional gender norms or sacrificing their identity to better express who they are attracted to. 

As with many new LGBTQ+ words, the term gynosexual heavily relies on social media to further advance the meaning and definition of the word. Platforms such as Tik Tok and instagram have further popularized the word. 

Other ways to say gynosexual

Although the word gynosexual is the most common word used to identify individuals who are attracted to feminine characteristics, there are a few other ways to refer to those who identify with this orientation. Here are some examples: 

  • Gynophilia
  • Gynephilia
  • Gynesexual
  • Womansexual

New words and identities are created every day. Labels and terms carry connotations whether that be bad or good, which is why one might identify with one term over the other even if they mean the same thing to someone else. 

Is this identity for you?

The LGBTQ+ spectrum is huge and there is a place for everyone, with that being said it might be difficult to figure out exactly where that is. If you resonated with some of the thoughts above and believe you might be gynosexual we have included some points to think on to help you understand your identity a little better:

What physical qualities are you attracted to in another person?

Do the images that come to your mind have feminine characteristics when you answer this question? If so, you might be gynosexual. Things such as long hair, curves, or breasts are all examples of what a gynosexual person might be attracted to. 

Are masculine traits appealing to you?

If you find that masculine traits are not attractive and instead find that femininity is more appealing to you, you might be gynosexual. However there is nothing wrong with feeling like you are more attracted to masculine traits, that might mean you are androsexual instead. 

What kind of behavioral qualities do you find attractive in a partner?

Those who identify as gynosexual often find traits such as being nurturing, empathetic, and compassionate to be attractive. It is important to note these are very stereotypical notions of what being a woman or a female is like, not all female identities fulfill these characteristics. Gynosexual individuals tend to be attracted to feminine behaviors and stray from being attracted to stereotypical masculine behaviors. 

The gynosexual flag

It is unclear who the creator of the gynosexual flag was. With that being said it has increased in popularity in recent years and has been seen flying at pride events. The colors means as follows: 

  • Pink: Taken from the trans flag and represents attraction to women. 
  • Brown: Represents stability and support. 
  • Green: taken from the genderqueer flag and represents attraction to femininity and the history of gynosexuality. 

Embracing identity diversity is critical

Gynosexuality is relatively new, so it is our responsibility to further popularize the word and help bring awareness to this community. It is important to remember that gender and sexuality live in completely different worlds, which is why a word such as gynosexual is so important. 

This word was created with non-binary and agender people in mind. In a world that favors traditional gender norms above others, it is difficult for individuals who don’t fit that mold to express themselves. The word gynosexual allows these individuals to tell the world they are attracted to feminine characteristics without having to adopt a word or term that might be harmful to their gender identity. 

If some of the ideas above resonate with you and you’re thinking of coming out, make sure the conditions are safe and have a plan of action regarding housing and food if things don’t go as planned. 

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