Will Gina Rodriguez’s New Movie Be a Gay Rom-Com?

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Hot off the success of Annihilation, Gina Rodriguez has landed her next big project. The actress is set to star in a brand-new romantic comedy called Someone Great. She’ll serve as a producer in addition to taking the lead role. The question is: How gay will it be?

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the creator of MTV’s short-lived comedySweet/Vicious,will direct the film for Netflix, her feature debut. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie “centers on a woman who, after a heart-wrenching break-up, decides to seek adventure in New York City with her two best friends before she moves across the country for her dream job,” and is thematically about “ loss, growing up and, above all, the everlasting bond of female friendships.”

Rodriguez recently played a soft-butch lesbian in Annihilation, and has publicly remarked that her sexuality is fluid. She has pushed for same-sex love interests for her characters in the past, proclaiming she wants to play a love interest opposite out bisexual actress Stephanie Beatriz(“I want to play her love interest so bad,” Rodriguez told BUST last year) as well as her Annihilation co-starTessa Thompson.

So, we know Rodriguez wants to play queer on-screen. Plus, Sweet/Vicious had a bisexual character. Obviously we’re speculating here, but if Someone Great reaches its full gay potential, it could be the queer rom-com of our dreams.

There have been barely any mainstream lesbian romantic comedies, and none as good as the Piper Perabo and Lena Headey-starred Imagine Me & You, which was released over a decade ago. It’d be refreshing to see two A-List actresses star in a women-loving-women romantic comedy, a genre that needs a fresh rebooting, and I definitely wouldn’t hate if Gina Rodriguez steered that gay ship.

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