“Will & Grace” Gaymojis Are a Thing. You’re Welcome.

Iconic characters. Endless one-liners. Instantly recognizable faces. You get it.or do you?

Will and Grace returns to NBC on Sept. 28, and a promo released last month confirmed what we basically already knew: Will and Jack are on Grindr. No surprise there.

The real news — along with the fact you can watch the entire Will &Grace catalogue on Hulu starting NOW!–is that Grindr has teamed up with the show for an exclusive Will and Grace Gaymojipack that’s more flirty and fun than a dirty martini (ok nothing is more fun than a dirty martini, but you get the point).

Regrettable sex. Mood stabilizers. Karen talking dirty to you in S gear. It’s all there. Check out all nine on Grindr, or download the free Gaymoji app here.

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