From Babs to Britney, we’re officially entering a golden age of memoir

We all have someone—usually a celebrity, but not always—who simply makes the world go round for us. Whether we stan Madonna, Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, or Patti LuPone, one thing is clear: we can’t wait for our fave to spill the tea. Because you know things get piping hot behind the scenes.

That’s why there’s no greater delight than curling up with a juicy tell-all written by your all-time favorite diva. And since Queen Britney’s memoir “The Woman In Me” hit shelves last month, it’s undeniable: the age of the memoir is well and truly upon us. This winter, we’re about to be treated to a veritable tasting board of incredible nonfiction by some of our favorite queer writers and queer icons. Whether you’re looking to snag your next great read or looking to get the perfect gift for the unapologetic queen in your life, here are a few titles to get excited about.

My Name is Barbra, Barbra Streisand

Ok, this is the pink print. This is the 980-page tome every gay man and his mother have been waiting for since Babs hit the scene in “I Can Get It For You Wholesale.” And can you blame us? The book review alone is mind-blowing. Telling us that “Prince of Tides” writer Pat Conroy could “really throw that tush around”? Casually spilling that Marlon Brando gave her a foot massage? 980 pages is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Woman in Me, Britney Spears

Miss Spears wrote not only the book of the year but possibly the book of the century with her tell-all memoir. “The Woman in Me” took no time at all to chart on the bestseller list and shows no signs of leaving any time soon. And with such bombshell revelations about her time in the industry, the details of her heinous conservatorship, and her breakup with Justin Timberlake, it’s no surprise why this memoir is on everyone’s wishlist right now.

The Risk It Takes to Bloom, Raquel Willis

Black trans activist, speaker, and all-around Raquel Willis may well be giving us the memoir of the year with her upcoming book “The Risk It Takes to Bloom.” Already heralded as essential reading by Elliot Page, Willis’s story will give readers insight into her growth, learning, and ultimate liberation from the toxic ideas our culture places on Black trans women.

I Heard Her Call My Name, Lucy Sante

In her late 60s, prolific writer and chronicler of New York life Lucy Sante came out as a trans woman. In this new memoir (available February 13, 2024) the great writer takes on the subject of her own transition. This read is sure to delight long-time fans of Sante’s work and promises to bring her incisive, deeply observed writing style to her personal story of coming out and becoming who she is.

Oh Miriam!, Miriam Margoyles

Everyone’s favorite queer character actress is about to spill the tea on some of her most iconic performances, from Professor Sprout to Lady Whiteadder, and you don’t want to miss it. Already published in the UK, this rollicking memoir is set to hit shelves January 2, 2024.

Muse: Cicely Tyson and Me, B Michael

This hotly-anticipated photo memoir tells the story of the friendship between legendary actress Cicely Tyson and the queer man who made sure her couture was nothing short of stunning at every award show and red carpet event. This touching tale (available January 23, 2024) provides insight into two absolute icons and the beautiful work they created together.

Safe, Mark Daley

When Mark Daley and his husband took in two foster children—baby Ethan and toddler Logan—they were as excited as could be to start their family. But as someone aware of the many harrowing injustices of the foster system, Daley quickly realized he didn’t know the half of it. A memoir of queer family, adoption, and the fight for family equality, this story (available January 24, 2024) promises to be an important read in these frightening times as attacks against queer and trans children keep escalating.

The Old Gays Guide to the Good Life: Lessons Learned About Love and Death, Sex and Sin, and Saving the Best for Last, The Old Gays

The Old Gays are here to stay; perhaps nothing proves that better than their upcoming memoir. “The Old Gays Guide to Life” promises to bring the chutzpah, charm, and wisdom of these delightful queer elders to the page. And for an extra treat, you can hear Mick, Jessay, Robert, and Bill read the audiobook!

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