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Beyoncé’s “Sweet Honey Buckiin’” gets the TikTok dance treatment next

It won’t be long until all the internet is full of “Sweet Honey Buckiin’” dance videos.

It’s safe to say that Beyoncé has once again shook fans, society, and culture at large with her latest album Cowboy Carter. The country record is already at the top of music charts in multiple countries and the Cowboy Carter fervor isn’t slowing down any time soon. Especially when new dances to her songs keep popping up.

Earlier in February, Beyoncé released the tracks “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” as singles and the earworms were quickly everywhere on social media. Queer, body-positive influencer Dexter Mayfield and well-known backup dancer and social media star Matt McCall, a duo known to make TikTok dance videos, took the song and made a line dance video to it that already has over 42 million views. Now, Canadian dancer and social media sensation Donté Colley is adding his TikTok dance to the Cowboy Carter collection.

Colley took Beyoncé and rapper Shaboozey’s song “Sweet Honey Buckin'” (stylized as “Sweet ★ Honey ★ Buckiin'”) and gave it a dance fit for the rodeo and the club. The song, deemed by fans as the big sister to the Renaissance track “PURE/HONEY,” is a clear fave by many in the BeyHive. You can check out the video below so you can prep for your own Cowboy Carter celebrations.

Colley’s video is quickly gaining views with over 400k and counting. With summer approaching, we can already see folks testing out their own rendition of this “Sweet Honey Buckin'” dance.

But Colley didn’t stop there. He also has dances for Beyoncé’s “Riiverdance” and “II Hands II Heaven” as well. While the latter is more freestyle dance, “Riiverdance” will have you figuring out how to “bounce on that sh*t,” like Beyoncé instructed.

Colley’s dance videos have lit up the internet for a while, with his original videos highlighting his dance moves, positive affirmations, and his skillful use of emojis in the video. This same aesthetic was featured (as was he) in Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét‘s music video for “Monopoly.”

Colley also made waves when he famously called out Nicki Minaj and her team for “not crediting” him for the “FTCU” dance moves that Nicki performed on tour. While Colley had also asked “for the opportunity to potentially collaborate” with Nicki. While that didn’t happen, fans were commenting under Colley’s TikTok video, hoping that Beyoncé picks him up for her next tour.

With moves like that, it might be time for Beyoncé and Parkwood entertainment to give Colley a call.

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