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Did ‘Smile 2’ launch their viral marketing campaign?

Time for more creepy smiles and, now, terrifying bops too.

Starring Sosie Bacon, Kyle Gallner, Jessie T. Usher, and Kal Penn, Smile follows therapist Rose Cotter (Bacon) who witnesses the suicide of a patient, which leads to a bizarre turn of supernatural events all dealing with victims who have creepy smiles on their faces. When Smile premiered in 2022, it quickly became one the highest-grossing R-rated films during the pandemic, much in part to its creepy viral marketing tactics. Now it seems that the green lit, untitled sequel (referred to as Smile 2) just launched its marketing campaign and it’s giving fans a creepy, new bop with it. 

In a video circulating around the internet, Naomi Scott (the lead for the sequel) debuts as fictional pop star Skye Riley. Channeling Miley CyrusBlack Mirror character Ashley O, Scott sings an eery tune called “Blood on White Satin” that seems to foreshadow the events of the upcoming film. Eery images randomly pop up during Scott’s pop star performance making the video unsettling.

Scott sings “Might be a tragedy. Devastation right in front of me. Am I a future disaster just waiting to happen, like blood on white statin?”

Check out the video below. But be warned, it’s a bop. 

Skye Riley also has social media accounts dedicated to her, with a few posts indicating that something is happening June 18. Perhaps a Smile 2 trailer paired with a “Blood on White Satin” music video?

Scott showed off her singing chops in Disney’s Lemonade Mouth and most notably as Princess Jasmine in the live-action Aladdin. Most recently, she’s appeared in Power Rangers, Charlie’s Angels, and Anatomy of a Scandal. Now, she’s taking on the Smile sequel’s lead role and possibly the Billboard Hot 100 with this terrifying tune. 

While the song might be a sleeper, summer hit, it seems like disaster might be around the corner for the fictional pop star, and potentially the rest of the Smile 2 cast. Along with Scott, Lukas Gage, Raúl Castillo, Rosemarie DeWitt join the ill-fated roster. Additionally, Gallner returns for the sequel. 

Will see how things turn out for Skye Riley when Smile 2 premieres on October 18. 

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