A liquid-filled edition of the ‘Saltburn’ soundtrack goes instantly viral because… ewww

A TikTok showing off a special, limited-edition version of the Saltburn soundtrack has gone instantly viral.

Bad World is a specialist record-pressing plant that produces liquid-filled special editions of albums in collaboration with some of the biggest artists in the world. As the albums are considerably harder to make than traditional vinyl, the company takes orders first before embarking on the creation process.

Yesterday it announced a new, limited-edition run of the soundtrack to Saltburn, the dark, psychological thriller starring Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi and Rosamund Pike. Released last year in theaters, the movie proved a critical and commercial hit.

The movie stunned audiences with several infamous scenes. One of these involved Keoghan’s character, Oliver, swallowing the bathwater of his friend and obsession, Felix (Elordi). He’d previously spied on Felix pleasuring himself in the bath.

Here’s the TikTok, which shows off the new record in all its sordid glory. It features a plughole in the center. Grey-looking liquid slides around within the clear record. The song accompanying the video is the movie’s biggest hit: Sophie Ellis Bextor’s “Murder On The Dancefloor”.

@bloodrecords The ‘bath water edit’ of the Saltburn soundtrack. Sorry mum. (Link in bio) #saltburn #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinylrecords #recordstoreday ♬ original sound – Blood Records

The video has had over 2.1 million views in 15 hours. Going by the comments, it has also led to a rush in orders.

The Saltburn, liquid-filled soundtrack album
(Photo: Bad World)

“This is FOUL”

“That is FOUL. I need it,” said one comment, which received over 46,000 ‘likes’.

“As a graphic designer, I must say, chefs freaking kiss 👩‍🍳 💋 this is amazing!! 🤩” said another.

Others queried what was inside the record.

“I passed out 10 times but here is your Saltburn record :)” was another well-liked comment.

Others wanted to know if the soundtrack included another iconic moment in the movie.

“Does it include that 5 seconds of Farleigh singing ‘Rent’?”

Initial orders for the Saltburn album are open for only a few more hours today. This version is due out September, 29th. INTO has reached out to Bad World for further comment.

Besides liquid-filled albums, the company also makes beautiful zoetrope-style picture discs. Here’s one they did recently for Olivia Rodrigo.

@bloodrecords NEW DROP! @Olivia Rodrigo reissues Guts (Spilled) on double zoetrope picture disc with exclusive purple foiled gatefold sleeve!!! Only limited to 10,000 copies, so be sure to get yours before they sell out! 💜 link in bio! #oliviarodrigo #gutsspilled #vinylrecords #vinylcollection #recordstoreday ♬ original sound – Blood Records

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