Lindsay Lohan just revealed her baby’s godparents and the internet is shook

Lindsay Lohan‘s latest reveal gagged the internet.

Lohan is back on the pop culture circuit thanks to a return to acting in 2021. So might even call it a “Lohanaissance,” if you will. And with her new movie Irish Wish, Lohan is also back in the interview seat.

The Netflix film stars Lohan as Maddie, a bridesmaid for her best friend who’s marrying the love of Maddie’s life. But when a wish for true love comes true, Maddie wakes up as a bride-to-be who finds out that her soulmate might actually be someone else. So, Lohan went on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to speak with the late night host about the rom-com, dish on her longstanding friendship with Freaky Friday co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, and to talk about her newborn baby, Luai, with financier husband Bader Shammas.

But before she chatted about her upcoming film, Fallon made the discovery of a lifetime: uncovering that baby Luai’s godparents are Steph and Ayesha Curry. In the interview, Lohan explained that, while in Dubai, celebrity chef Michael Mina thought that she would hit it off with Ayesha, who’s a cookbook author, culinary TV personality, and an actress. Mrs. Curry’s husband happens to also be an NBA superstar.

“We were in Dubai, and Michael Mina kept saying to Bader, he was like, ‘You need to introduce Lindsay and Ayesha. I need them to meet,’” Lohan explained

Lo and behold, the duo instantly clicked, according to Lohan. Eventually, as revealed during the interview, the Currys became godparents to baby Luai.

“We clicked right away, and she’s been with me since,” Lohan added. “I was like, ‘I really want to have kids soon,’ and then I got pregnant. So it was very fitting.”

Curry confirmed their BFF status in an interview with Extra to promote Irish Wish, as she plays Lohan’s bestie Heather in the film.

“We’ve literally been friends since the first day we met,” Curry said in the interview with Extra, alongside Lohan.

Now the internet can’t handle this information.

While we have to wait until March 15 to see Lohan and Curry’s friendship come to life on-screen in Irish Wish, check out Lohan’s interview and experience the godparents reveal for yourself.

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