Netflix is dragging Duolingo into a thirst tweet about Trevante Rhodes

Netflix made the internet feral over Trevante Rhodes and now they’re paying the price with the thirstiest tweets.

Netflix’s Mea Culpa is all the internet can talk about. Maybe because it stars the incredibly beautiful and talented duo of Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes, or that the film is about a criminal defense attorney (Rowland) defending and desiring a seductive artist (Rhodes) accused of murdering his girlfriend, or the fact that their steamy “paint scene” has the internet in a chokehold. Regardless, Tyler Perry’s latest creation has folks hot and bothered.

To keep the heat going, Netflix had Rhodes read out some of the thirstiest comments about him. Did he sweat? Absolutely not, but did he make us blush from reading out each message? Most definitely.

It’s safe to say that we’re all feral for this man, and the internet’s reactions prove it.

But one quote tweet in particular went viral for being the thirstiest.

In all Korean, X user @playboysoshi took the time to type out all of the things that would transpire between him and Rhodes. @playboysoshi commented under his tweet “And yes, this makes my 10 years of Korean worth it” and that, we can agree on. While, we can’t list everything due it being a tad bit NSFW, let’s just say hitting the translate button on the post will truly explain @playboysoshi’s love (and lust) for Rhodes.

It was so intense that even Netflix noticed.

Netflix simply responded to @playboysoshi’s tweet with an image of the Duolingo owl, which, when you stare at it for too long, the owl looks shook. The streaming service even dragged typing assistant software Grammarly into the mix commenting “WE NEED GRAMMARLY TO APPROACH THE BENCH.” Grammarly, you have 24 hours to respond.

But Netflix (and the Duolingo owl) weren’t the only ones shook by the post, and these reactions prove it.

Looks like Rhodes just has this affect on his fans. Mea Culpa is streaming now on Netflix.

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