Cheeky new trend has the gays showing off their best assets

The gays are sharing booty pics online and here’s the reason why.

Many queer men can remember the moment when we realized we were queer. Whether you spent too much time in the underwear aisle of a Target or stared too hard at that one Disney prince, there’s a queer awakening story in every queer man. But when did you realize that your best asset, was actually was trailing behind you?

X (formerly Twitter) is flooding the TL with pics of their butts in response to a hard-hitting question: “What’s that picture that makes you say ‘Wow my a** is so fat’?”.

That’s the question that X user @shinywiglett posed and in doing so, inspired thousands of gays to go through their photo album to locate the cheekiest (and we do mean cheeky) pic they could find. Look at the quote tweets at your leisure, but know that they get a little NSFW.

Earlier this year, the New York Post announced that that 2024 is the year of big butts for men. Now, showing off online is nothing new to the gays, but this trend might have the gays figuring out how to maximize the cake they already have. However, contrary to popular belief, 2024 is actually the year of “realizing stuff” and here are some of the X users that realized they had a dangerous weapon behind them all along.

Some figured it out while relaxing in a peaceful forest.

Others realized it when they saw the squats in the gym paying off.

Some folks recognized the impact a good pair of bottoms have on your peach.

Little booties matter too, and this X user wanted to chime in on the trend.

Regardless of what folks might be carrying around, the internet is officially hot and bothered by this trend.

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