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Lukas Gage names this famed Irish actor as his celebrity crush

Actor Lukas Cage was a guest this week on the Seek Treatment podcast, hosted by Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan.

The podcast is usually a lighthearted chat about “boys, sex, dating, and love.” It was actually Gage’s second appearance on the show. He first appeared back in October 2021, However, that was before he came out. His answers were a lot more guarded back then.

This time around, Gage, 28, was far more open on several topics. This included his celebrity crush, early sexual experiences with other men, and when he realized he was gay.

In regards to that celebrity crush, Gage (who appears to have a thing for older guys considering his short-lived marriage last year to Chris Appleton), named Hollywood hunk Colin Farrell, 47.

“I love Irish and Scottish. They’re hot. And fun,” Gage said, explaining his choice.

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell (Photo: Shutterstock)

Three-year relationship with neighbor

Seek Treatment has a section entitled “Who were you, who are you, and who do you want to be?” Gage said he was happy to be more open on the show this time around. On his first appearance, he’d presented himself as just “a little surfer stoner boy from San Diego.”

He said his own coming-out story was worth sharing. It involved an audition for The Little Mermaid that stirred teenage memories.

Back around 2014-2015, director Sofia Coppola was attached to a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. She ultimately did not proceed with the project.

“I had an audition for The Little Mermaid, the live-action [film directed by Sofia] Coppola, which didn’t end up happening. But it was in development. And then, for the audition… was like, you have to read a set of sides and then talk about a story.

“They [asked], ‘What was a vulnerable thing that happened to you? What was something that was hard for you, or a secret you were hiding?’ I immediately start bawling, and I talk about how I’m sleeping with my neighbor and hiding it from everybody… my whole family. I was like 19, 20.”

The podcast hosts asked him if the neighbor was a “daddy type”.

“No, no. Just a neighbor that [was more] like a ‘bro.’ We would listen to records and play PlayStation together. I just kept coming over to his apartment (…) and after like a month or two, he was like, ‘All right. Well, I’m going to kiss you now.’ And then we dated for three years.”

He said he’s still friends with the guy, who now lives in New York with his boyfriend.

“He has a nice boy that he’s with now,” he added. “We’re friends. He’s happy.”

“Closeted little troublemaker”

Reflecting on his journey in recent years, Gage answered the “Who were you?” part of the section by saying, “I was a deeply conflicted, closeted little troublemaker. I kind of switched from really wanting attention and being an attention wh*re to also being deeply insecure and shy as well. It was like a weird thing for a long time. It was a back-and-forth.”

Asked when he knew he was gay, he said that it was only after he started having sex with his neighbor.

“I wish I knew earlier. But I had girlfriends that I was obsessed with till I was like 18 or 19, when I met my neighbor [laughs]. I loved them, oh my god. There was one in particular, she had a lower back tattoo that said ‘trust no b*tch.’ So iconic. She was like 15 and I was 16.”

He says he and the girl were together for two years. During this time, she expressed the feeling he might not be straight.

“One time when we were having sex, she was like, ‘I think you might be gay,'” Gage recalled. “She was like, ‘You’re definitely bi, maybe gay.'”

Rise to fame

Gage first came to widespread attention with his role in the show Euphoria. He followed this with the TV version of Love, Victor, the Netflix show You, and The White Lotus.

Last year, he posted vacation snaps of himself on holiday in Mexico with celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. Both men later confirmed they were in a relationship. Following a whirlwind romance, they wed in Las Vegas last April. However, by November, the couple had split. A divorce was finalized soon after.

Gage’s rollercoaster personal life has not knocked his career. He recently played opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie, Roadhouse. You can catch him in the new Netflix show, Dead Boy Detectives, and he’ll also be in the eagerly-awaited horror sequel, Smile 2, out this October.

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