Why Rihanna wants this “Bones and All” actress to play her in a biopic

If Rihanna had it her way, this actress would play her in a biopic.

Rihanna still sits atop the beauty world, with the expansion of queendom now including Fenty Hair. The beauty mogul  showed up for Fenty Hair’s launch to rave about the new haircare line and to spill the tea about her delayed R9 album, and she found time to dish about who she’d like to portray her in a movie.

When asked by E! News who she’d want to portray her in a biopic, she immediately had an answer.   

“Taylor [Russell],” Rihanna said for E! News. “Because she’s got a nice forehead and she’s fly and I feel like I want to be her, so I want her to pretend to be me.”

Russell has steadily increasing her profile, in films like Escape Room, Waves, and most notably, Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All. The former ballet dancer-turned-actress definitely has the acting chops and the effortless cool to portray a superstar like Rihanna. And with her dance background, Russell could show off some the pop powerhouse’s iconic dance moves from “Pon de Replay,” “Where Have You Been,” and “Work.”

And, most importantly, Russell already has a Rihanna cosign.

“I want people to see me in that light,” Rihanna added. “Just gorgeous, she’s stunning.” 

While there’s no talk about Rihanna’s biopic coming to the big screen yet, at least we know there’s actress already in mind to play the superstar.

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