Gamers are Fighting Back Against “Hogwarts Legacy” with a Trans-Friendly Fantasy Game Pack

Last week, the Harry Potter RPG “Hogwarts Legacy” dropped, and the Internet has been in a high fury ever since. Should you play the game and support, as one user aptly described JK Rowling, a billionaire transphobe? Or should you perhaps leave the poorly-designed game alone and focus on other RPGs, maybe ones that don’t directly funnel money into Rowling’s sizeable bank account?

For those who gladly passed on the game, here’s some good news: a new game pack featuring 69 games by queer and trans developers, none of which directly contribute to anti-trans measures in the UK, and none of which were developed by anti-social justice YouTubers! 

The “Trans Witches are Witches” bundle retails for a cool $60 and includes $300 worth of games, zines, and music all made by queer and trans creators. There’s even a $10 bundle if you’re experiencing hardship. Because nobody should have to play a crappy transphobic game just to experience a little magic.

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