Let The Sims Spark Your Creativity With Their Queer AF “Pass the Spark” Video

While The Sims 5 is still in development, EA Games is still launching new ways in which gamers can celebrate their creativity and live out their wildest Sims dreams with the “Spark Something” campaign. Spark Something is dedicated to creative rule breakers around the world. The EA Games team will identify different creator stories to highlight how creatives can inspire each other through the creative spark they share. 

To kick off the campaign, EA Games debuted their “Pass the Spark” video featuring several LGBTQ creators taking the world by storm with their infectious creativity. The queer powerhouses highlighted are Brazilian pop star Anitta, writer, poet, and performer Alok, creative and baker Magnet, and the electric entertainment troupe Bob’s Dance Shop.

Set to the sounds of Anitta’s “Practice” off of her hit album Versions of Me, Anitta, Alok, Magnet, and Bob’s Dance Shop navigate a colorful city landscape sharing their brand of creativity with the world. With the help of The Sims’ iconic green “Plumbob”, each artist sparks inspiration within the next creative. 

The trek with each artist ultimately culminates into a beautiful nighttime performance by Anitta, complete with a variety of humans imitating Sim behaviors. And of course, their Plumbobs are accounted for. 

It’s cute, it’s colorful, and if you’re a queer The Sims fan, then you’re going to love everything about it. “Pass the Spark” becomes a love letter to all of the “Simmers” around the world and the creativity they ignite. 

“We recognize that the creativity of The Sims community is so much bigger than what they make in The Sims—it’s who they become and who they are inspired by outside of our game as well,” stated Julia Victor, Head of Brand for The Sims. “Spark Something is our commitment to unlocking the creative potential we all have, and this film is our first love letter to the community we strive to serve. It is the first time we are introducing our plumbob as the new lightbulb – a symbol for the moment a new idea sparks.”

To add to the “Spark Something” campaign, The Sims Instagram account invited all Simmers to share what inspires them using the “Add Yours” feature and the hashtag #ShowUsYourSpark. Lastly, EA Games is launching the “Sims Sessions”, a series where fans get a behind the scenes look at different musical artists recording their songs in Simlish, the game’s signature language. 

The Sims is a game that’s no stranger to LGBTQ gamers and has allowed for players to create queer relationships within the game for a while now. Their recent queer-inclusive expansion pack, My Wedding Stories, allows users to craft their perfect wedding, rehearsal dinner, and bachelor(ette) party. Originally EA Games confirmed in February of this year that they wouldn’t release the expansion pack in Russia, due to the country’s anti-LGBTQ “gay propaganda law” that prohibits youth-oriented content that discusses LGBTQ topics. However, that decision was overturned, as stated in an open letter to fans mid-February of this year.

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