Azealia Banks comes for Troye Sivan after he compliments her music

For any other artist, getting a compliment from a peer would elicit a simple “thank you.” But Azealia Banks isn’t any other artist.

The “212” rapper came for pop star Troye Sivan after he said he loved listening to her music while getting ready to go out. In a TikTok for Spotify, Sivan was asked for his “go-to pre-game banger,” and he said, “Probably 212 by Azealia Banks.”

Banks apparently took issue with Sivan’s offhand comment and took to Instagram to make her feelings known. Banks posted a screenshot of the TikTok where Sivan mentioned her and attacked not only him, but the entire queer community. 

First, Banks seemed to criticize the music industry at large. “This is these white kids’ weird way of apologizing for bandwagoning,” she wrote. “Having no clue of the kind of shit happening to me behind the scenes in the industry.”

“I would REALLY appreciate all of these f*ckin civilian ass b*tches to stop mentioning me, stop dancing to my shit in the club if you’re not going treat me like a human and take back all the unfounded bullshit you all used [your] platforms to perpetuate,” she continued.

Next, Banks came for Sivan in particular, going so far as calling him a pedophile.

“And [you’re] a late condescending expired twink anyway b*tch. We’ve been past ‘212,’” she wrote. “Trying [your] hardest to hold on to the f*cking weak ass pedophilia x incest aesthetic — perpetuating that underlying double standard that somehow [pedophilia] practiced amongst men is somehow okay… that fueled [your] trash ass music in the first place.”

“Give it up, puberty hit that ass and made [you] a doofy looking young man,” she continued. “I bet he’ll pull the grift [and] ‘come out’ as trans next.”

It was a one-two punch of homophobic and transphobic rhetoric. Fans of both artists were flabbergasted, wondering why Banks and such a strong reaction and criticizing her use of anti-gay stereotypes. 

“He complimented her music and she said let me regurgitate the most sinister homophobic propaganda to literally ever exist,” one user wrote.

Despite her undeniable talent, Banks seems dedicated to sabotaging her own success with deplorable statements like this one. What happened to the rapper that said she made music “for the gays”?

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